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Curls, A Short Film

2019 Winner of Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Grant!



CURLS Trailer
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Curls - is a drama short film inspired by true events and is currently being produced by Middle Center Production, LLC. and LittleFire.

Winner of Best Shorts 2020
2020 Women Filmmaker Award of Merit
Winner of 2019 RI State Council on the Arts Grant

Production:  Completed, September 2019
Location:  Rhode Island

A vulnerable little girl believes she is ugly because of her curly hair and must summon the courage to embrace her natural curls and accept her true self to be happy.

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This  short film is about empowering young girls to be body and self-confident.  The theme takes aim at the inaccurate portrayal of women and girls in media and advertising.  My goal is to give girls a positive outlet for inspiration. Although this story is about hair, it’s not only about hair.  It’s about being body confident and embracing your true you.  While many younger girls may not understand body image or eating disorders yet, they will relate to stories about their hair.  My daughter knew at 5 yrs. old that straight hair was the most desirable and believed in her mind that she needed to have straight hair to be considered beautiful.   
Please consider being part of our team and this global movement to empower our young girls to be more confident women. ​

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