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'Love your true self' Andover girl stars in movie about emotional struggles

By Judy Wakefield

"Adorable curly brown hair is a small part of what makes South Elementary School third-grader Eliana Squillacioti especially cute. But many young girls would try to hide the curls, even covering their hair with a book sock.

A Rhode Island mom who happens to be a film producer and director sadly watched as her daughter, ashamed of her curly hair, would do everything she could do to hide it, including wearing a book sock on her head. Straight hair is the popular hairstyle these days, leaving many curly-haired young girls feeling ugly.

That concerned mother is Sharon Contillo of Middle Center Productions, which produces films and stories with female leads, giving them a platform to be seen. Contillo made a movie called "Curls" about the hair predicament and Eliana stars in the movie. She plays the lead role of Maddie, who perceives her curly hair as ugly, but eventually embraces her hair and learns to accept her true self..."


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